Weight Loss Supplements: Do They Work?

We all know that our weight has huge impact on the health “formula”. Being overweight mean that your risks to several severe conditions, like strokes, heart disease or cancer, will increase!

Over the last decades there have been several things that have contributed to obesity. In our jobs and at home we are more sedentary, so we walk less and our level of daily activity is much smaller. In our frantic society time is a issue, so instead of preparing healthy meals, people prefer fast food. This is perhaps on of the biggest causes of obesity. The levels of stress also skyrocket and this has a huge impact on “emotional eating”.

So, we face a huge problem, with a simple theoretical solution: you need to spend more calories than the ones you ingest. This caloric deficit will result in weight loss. But this easier said than done… Changing eating habits is perhaps one of the most difficult things to change…

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a dietary supplement that solve this? Well… there are no miracle weight loss supplements, but recently some study have concluded that Saffron Extract can have a major impact on the equation mentioned before. This supplement triggers a substance named serotonin that transports a message to the brain: “you now can fill good, there’s no need to eat more…”. After the initial study, a lot more Saffron Extract reviews and studies demonstrated the same.

Although Saffron Extract can help you decrease the amount of daily calories ingested, by sending signals to your brain, it’s advisable that you also work on the other part of the equation. You should also increase your level of activity.